Birth Matters

Birth Matters.

A lot.  More than most people in this time and place want to admit.  Its kind of scary to admit that birth matters, because you don't get a second chance at a birth.  Once its done, its done.  Even the word "birth" is almost never (in mainstream culture anyway) used as a verb -- to birth.  And yet, it is something women do.  For some women a decidedly very active thing they do.  But in our culture right now, not very many women birth.  Instead they are delivered, or maybe a bit better, they deliver their babies (to who?). Many women aren't very active at all when they are delivered -- not physically, not mentally, not spiritually.  And that is a huge loss, which some of us are only now consciously starting to miss.

So, why am I here?  Is this website going to make any difference at all?  Well, really, that depends on you.  After all, you are here.  Maybe you already know birth matters.  Maybe you are just starting to suspect that birth matters.  Maybe you got here accidently and you aren't all that sure about what I'm talking about.  Hopefully, you give it a look.  Since I'm a mom of 4, work here will probably be sporadic and unpredictable.  And who really knows when some of the stuff I'm dreaming about and planning will actually come to pass.  But I've come to understand that if things are going to change, if women are once again going to birth their babies, it'll be because of the small stuff.  One woman at a time, doing her bit, passing her knowledge on to the next.  Here's part of what I'm doing.  What will you do?


June, 2006